Tired and tried what great words they are!!! Made out of the usage of same letters of alphabet but exactly opposite in meaning.

     One denotes the negative aspects of life, the other denotes the positive aspect of life. One in takes us to the direction of success, the other takes away from the success. One demands rigorous commitment, the other falls back of commitment.

   It depends on you what you choose. One gives you extreme state of happiness, the other gives you extreme regret.

     How you can be tired of trying!!!

Nothing in this world comes for free. Success demands consistent efforts, rigorous trying in your field. You are not allowed to get tired. If your dreams are big than your hardwork should also be great. Small dreams demand less amount of commitment. Been g dreams demand great commitment.

       Do you want to live an average life or you want to lead a better life. You never know how close you are to your success. Just one, only one last step will give the success which you craved for years. Even you need to try hard to prove yourself, that you deserve the place you are in. You are not created to live an average life on this planet EARTH. You are created to live an extraordinary life.


 #Are you tired of thinking positive OR You want to try to look only at the positive aspects of life.

#Are you tired of your relationship OR You want to give it one more try then another and yet another.

#Are you tired of listening to your arrogant boss OR You want to try to prove to your boss through your consistent hard work that you are worthy of the post you hold.

#Are you tired of your humdrum living OR You want to try to live to the fullest.

#Are you tired coz your efforts didn’t py off OT You want to try to find out your faults in your efforts.

#Are you tired of asking wealth/ happiness in prayers OR You do you want to try to get all those pleasures of life through your consistent hardwork.

    Be a true to yourself. Ask to your soul daily, have you really tried for the success which you wish for OR you have kept on hold your dreams.

    Have you really tried to achieve the requirements of your dreams OR you have tired of fulfilling the requirements of your dreams.

             Then you standing at the threshold of your success who is to blame for.


When success will ask you…

What have you done for me?

What will be your ans…?

1) I m so tired to cross one more step.

2) I want to try to painfully lift my legs, cross the hurdle and embrace you.

      Do let me in the comments section below.

Stay connected.

Stay blessed.

And keep trying!!!


* Self Motivation:

Just imagine 2 eggs:

To one egg you are continuously motivating and encouraging to the chick inside the egg to come out.




but after a certain limit of time, you give up on it you are tired of motivating an you just break it.

What did you get…?

A sunny side up…

Whereas , take the 2nd egg as you are already tired by encouraging 1st egg ,this time you’re demotivating..

By saying

I Don’t think so, this egg will make it and turn out into a chick. It’s of no use to motivate. BLA! BLA! BLA!…

After sometimes the egg starts shaking and turn into a chick…

This is what self motivation….

It is not something which you will seek outside it is something which is buried deep inside you. Motivation when is from external source it is turning out to be nothing but just a sunny side up.. But when this motivation is from your within it turns into a life.

Now how a person can be self – motivated…

All the qualities are present within you ,I will just try to light it up.


In order to be self motivated you need to have a very high self esteem. Thinking positive about oneself, embracing your misfortunes, always thinking that you are one of a kind,the mistake that you make are unique, the learning which you get from your mistake is unique I AM ME, the second version of mine don’t exist nor there will be one in future. I AM JUST # ME.

And in order to have a very high self esteem, you need to have # SELF confidence.

2) SELF CONFIDENCE: Now where does this self confidence come from. When you have a strong belief in your dreams, when you challenge yourself to be better than yourself each new day. When you believe your intuition. No one will come to motivate you until and unless you motivate yourself. No one will believe in yourself until you believe in yourself First you think that yes you can then the world has no other option than to believe that yes you can. That’s the power of self belief..

Your self confidence lies in your # SELF- AWARENESS..


YES – YOU – AND ONLY YOU…can identity your weakness and your strengths. If you can’t than who will.. You need to be aware where of your strengths are, where is your interest is, what are your dreams.

Your self awareness can open a world of tremendous possibility. Your self awareness will open the doors of your dreams which will turn true. Your self awareness will tell you which skills you need to update. What things you need to just let go.

And how can you get your self awareness by having a mindful of self- introspection.


IT will help you to make a better version of you. A honest introspection will tell you need what you stand for, what are your convictions, how much are you engrossed in your past clutches. And in order to have a true/ honest self introspection you need to indulge in #self love

5) SELF LOVE: You need to fall deep in loving yourself. Self love doesn’t make you selfish instead it gives you the strength to embrace others with their flaw, it makes your heart wider than ever before. Indulge in talking to yourself daily and you will end up talking yo the most wonderful person of the world.

Now just go upside down!!!

When you have a large amount of self love ,it will give you an honest self introspection. Which will lead you to self awareness and your self awareness will give you self confidence, which in turn will increase your self esteem.

   And when you will have a very high self esteem then you will always be self motivated…

Signing off….


Outstanding Communication Skills

We all convey our messages with one another using communication. There are certain skills, if you know them in detail then it will help you to enhance your communication.

Let’s get started…

1) Listening Actively…

A good communicator is first a good listener. Dalai Lama says when you say you are only repeating what you know, but when you are listening then you are actually adding on to your existing knowledge. So it’s very important to be a good listener for becoming a good communicator. Listening must be a active listening. Don’t prepare your answer when you are listening. Give full respect to the speaker.

2) Clarity In Speech…

When you talk to the another person it is important to talk right to the point. It holds the attention of the listener for a longer period of time.

Also if you go on elaborating about what you want to say then actually you loose the essence of your speech. So be crystal clear with your speech/ thoughts.

3) Fluency in Language…

Using unnecessary fillers in between your sentence like ugh, you know, actually,hmm all such kind of usage of fillers do make your speech go dull. Actually you tend to use fillers when you concentrate more on what others will react on your view point than concentrating on what you are saying.

So next time when you have to put forth your view point do it straight away.

4) Positivity in your Spoken language…

In order to be a great communicator you need to achieve positive sense of your life ,yes that’s right you read it correctly. People love to be around positive people Even though they themselves indulge in thinking about negative attributes of their life. But they still love to listen to positive talk. So bring more positivity in your speech.

Minimize the use of sarcastic language in your spoken word.

Be more positive

Be a great communicator…

5)Work on your presentation skills…

Yes that’s very true. When you want to excel in communication skills then 70% of your practice time you should dedicate to your presentation skills .

Your way of speaking, tone of speaking, your gestures all constitute to make you a great communicator. Work on it from today then you will find yourself emerging as a great communicator.

Good Luck…